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Protect Your Hands with the Stylist Ring!

Welcome! My name is Brian Choate, the independent product developer of the patented Stylist Ring.

I was inspired by my loving wife, a hair stylist, along with input from top level industry professionals, and finally developed this masterpiece. Stylist Ring was created with your safety, and comfort in mind. Ergonomic, yet fashionable to be donned even when not at your station.

Customize your Stylist Ring to express yourself as a symbol of belonging to the worldwide, dynamic, and glamorous hair industry!

All of our rings are…

  • Sterling Silver
  • Anatomically designed for freedom of movement
  • Impervious to Acetone chemicals
  • Made in the USA
  • Reduce the risk of blood contamination from scissor-tip wound infection
  • Great for seasoned professionals, up-and-comers to students alike.

Check out our various models and stop those painful nicks while keeping your hands in top form. Each ring is custom built for you based on your size and hand (left vs. right). Welcome, and pick out your ring today – you’ll enjoy years of stylish protection.

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